Event planning and organization belong under our daily routines. However, sometimes the circumstances require more than the usual – the following three examples illustrate TMR’s ability to custom-tailor our services even for the most demanding situations.


Official Visit


In 2010, we have organized a visit of the former Kenyan Minister of Tourism with Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry for Regional Development in Prague. The Minister was accompanied by the Czech ambassador as well as our director Amara Zemplinerova. The minister had meetings with TO’s in Prague and Warsaw, airlines, as well as media. The program also included a protocol meeting with the Polish Minister of Tourism, a meeting with the director of the Czech Tourist Board, and one-on-one media interviews. The event resulted in a signed tourism co-operation agreement.


BULB Evening



BULB Evening

The VIP Bulb evening for The British Virgin Islands targeted high-profile guests from the sailing industry as well as architects and designers with potential to visit or further promote the destination. Among other parts, the evening included BVI presentation and film screening, barbecue with rich catering, BVI’s famous Painkiller cocktail, Caribbean music, and a competition for two flight tickets.




                                        Full-moon Party

BVI Fireshow

BVI Regatta

The Full-moon Party was an event focusing on charter and diving companies, captains, media, and in general all lovers of sailing. The evening included special attractions such as small regatta race on the Vltava river, juggling and a fire show, or Bomba’s Surfside Shack.