We regularly organize several press and FAM trips every year. Not only we try to maximize the media value generated vs. costs, we also try to diversify the trips in order to ensure media reports focus on different themes and reach the maximum of our target markets. The following two examples display both the way we diversify, as well as our ability to reach astonishing media coverage.


BVI Spring Regatta

BVI Regatta

The British Virgin Islands represent one of the largest attractions for sailing enthusiasts around the world. Every two years we nominate one sailing media representative who competes in the annual Spring Regatta (premier sailing event of the Caribbean) as an official member of the BVI team. This way, we recieve authentic media coverage with emotions and experiences of an active journalists, leading to higher author-reader connection and ultimately higher effectiveness rate.


Press Trips

Record Value

Individual TV press trip in June 2010 covered in Czech popular series Koreni and Objektiv brought unprecedented results. The series were composed of 5 parts including different Kenyan regions. Not only each episode was repeated several times in TV but they were also placed on the internet. As a result, the single individual TV press trip generated unbelievable media value exceeding 13,700,000 euros.